davi - WebDAV client for Nokia Belle
Upload file selector with image preview
  • Current version 1.2
  • Release date 2012-07-19


Organize your files/directories on remote WebDAV servers and download/upload recursively by using the convenient and feature-rich WebDAV client davi for Nokia Belle.


  • Nokia 603, Nokia 700, Nokia 701, and Nokia 808 PureView
  • Updated Nokia N8, Nokia E6*, Nokia E7, Nokia C6-01, Nokia C7, Nokia X7, Nokia Oro, and Nokia 500 (only for updated phones, does not work with Symbian^3 or Symbian Anna)

Works with


  • HTTP and encrypted HTTPS (HTTP with SSL/TLS)
  • HTTPS with support also for self-signed server certificates
  • One app password protects your WebDAV server login data with AES-256 encryption
  • Supports WiFi and mobile data connections
  • Mobile data connection warning
  • Recursive operations on directories for download, upload, copy, move, and delete
  • Download and upload simultaneously with up to three files for each direction
  • Manage file transfers in separate download/upload queues
  • Pause/resume for downloads and stop/restart for uploads
  • Detects automatically USB On-The-Go attached mass storage devices for upload (e.g. in combination with Nokia CA-157)
  • Show/hide hidden files (only for Unix/Mac OS X servers)
  • Copy URL of a directory/file to clipboard or send the URL via Email or SMS
  • Custom download directory for each WebDAV account
  • Upload file selector with image preview
  • Open local files with standard app and local directories with File Manager
  • Open local text files with davi viewer (unicode viewer, support for 45 character encodings, text search, and can edit small <50KB files)
  • Search in current directory with wildcards
  • Sort directory (name, size, extension, date/time)
  • Password forgotten? Reset the app password and delete all login data. Start over again.
  • Supports basic, NTLM version 1, and digest-MD5 authentication
  • Optional ´╗┐WebDAV protocol logging for improved support

Supported Servers

  • Apache
  • Microsoft Internet Information Service (Web server for MS Windows)
  • SabreDAV (WebDAV framework for PHP)

* New features introduced since v1.0 are bold highlighted.
** Copy does not work or is not supported by online storage provider.